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Solving Present Day Energy Crisis With Solar Energy

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When you are looking for alternative sources of energy that are environmentally sustainable and non-polluting you must consider solar energy. It is the most readily obtainable source of energy; it helps in lessening the greenhouse effect and most important of all, it is cost-effective. The sun provides light and heat during daytime; however, with a proper grid-tied solar power system, the radiation can be converted into electricity. Basically, through the photovoltaic cells, solar radiation gets converted into electricity. The power can be used or stored in the backup battery to be used at night.

Solar energy has been used in different forms since the ancient times. But it was only during the 1970s, after a rise in oil prices, that many countries began to conduct extensive research and formulate development programs to harness solar energy. It was also realized that fossil fuel sources released lethal greenhouse gases – one of the major causes of global warming. These greenhouse gases are not released from solar energy sources; hence, it is possible to maintain the ecological balance.

There are many benefits of using solar energy. Firstly, there is an abundant supply of raw material and secondly, the other accessories required to harness solar energy are easily available. Solar energy systems can be installed anywhere and the whole range of converters, battery banks and control panels help in converting solar radiation into energy. Special controllers are designed, which are used to convert modules of power from solar panels and store it in the battery.

We are faced with a grave power crisis as the amount of fossil fuels are going down and there is a drastic increase in oil prices. Under such circumstances, it is always advantageous to make use of solar energy. In fact, successful experiments are conducted to create solar power based cars and other vehicles. Many experts believe that eventually fossil fuel driven vehicles will be replaced by solar power driven vehicles. And, this would surely help in preventing the release of carbon monoxide gas, thus ensuring a healthier and cleaner atmosphere.

The price of photovoltaic cells is also going down. As a result, the usage of solar energy has increased. The benefits of using solar power are becoming evident every day. After all, who does not want to live in a clean, toxin-free environment? Also, with conventional energy sources depleting at a rapid pace and the cost of fossil fuels increasing dramatically, we are compelled to look into alternative sources of energy. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. Moreover, there is no lethal gas emission from the use or production of solar energy.

Global warming, besides pollution is one of the biggest concerns of scientists today. The evidence is clear. The melting of the icebergs is another major concern of the environmentalists. In the past few years, many rare plants and animals have vanished from the face of Earth. All these disasters have happened due to global warming. The greenhouse effect is one of the major causes of global warming. The only way it can be curbed is by looking for alternative sources of energy. So, the time has come to lean towards the solar for a better future.

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