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Why You Should Install Solar Powered Bulbs In Your Garden

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Brighten up your garden in the most perfect and artistic manner with the help of solar garden lights! The solar powered lights are charged by the sun during the daytime and illuminate the garden at night. In the recent years, the solar power lighting technique has improved a lot. Now, solar bulbs are available in a wide variety of styles to add luminance to your garden at night without burning a hole in your pocket. Here it is also important to mention that proper maintenance can extend the life of the solar bulbs, making it possible for you to enjoy the eco-friendly lighting solution for many years to come.

Many homeowners, inspired by the idea of green homes, are installing solar power bulbs to illuminate their gardens. However, when you’re planning to use solar bulbs, it is really important to understand how these bulbs function. It must be borne in mind that these bulbs are not powered by alkaline batteries or electricity, but by solar  power. A solar powered outdoor light or bulb uses solar panels to absorb sunlight during daytime. These solar panels are connected to solar cells that convert the rays of the sun into energy, which is then stored in a battery. When darkness falls, the battery supplies power to the bulb and the stored energy is used up. This cycle gets repeated every day and you receive an unhindered supply of power without paying extra money for your soaring electricity bills. 

The solar bulbs can only function properly only if there is ample supply of direct sunlight in the garden. Adequate amount of sunlight is required to charge the
batteries. However, there are certain solar bulbs that can recharge even during cloudy days. Solar garden bulbs are deemed durable, functional and ideal for electricity conservation. The longevity of a solar powered light depends on 2 factors- batteries
and solar panels.

Most solar lights are equipped with 2 or 3 batteries. The batteries are recharged with solar power. However, like most rechargeable batteries, these batteries also tend to lose the recharging capability usually within 2 years of purchasing the solar lights. If you find that your solar powered lights are not functioning properly, do not think that there is some major fault with the lights. Most likely it’s the time to replace the batteries. The solar panels that are found in solar lights are silicon semiconductors. These solar panels tend to degrade due to excessive exposure to sun rays. However, unless these solar panels are directly damaged due for another reason, it usually takes a long time for these panels to become unusable. 

With the major benefits of reducing environmental pollution and conserving electricity,  no wonder people are looking for solar powered bulbs to enhance their gardens. Using solar powered bulbs is cost-effective; the rates are same as normal garden light or sometimes even lower. .Make your garden look mesmerizing at night without paying exorbitant energy bills with solar powered garden lights.

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