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Solar Heating Options For Inground Swimming Pools

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There are umpteen ways of heating inground swimming pools, but are the methods environmentally friendly? Have you ever thought that while warming your swimming pool, you might cause significant damage to the environment? Yes, there are traditional methods of heating the pool, but these are neither ecofriendly nor cost-effective. Due to these reasons, it’s now time to embrace solar heating options for your inground swimming pools. There are several options of solar pool heating systems and products to choose from and by harnessing solar energy to heat your pool, you can decrease utility costs and prevent depletion of natural resources by using a renewable energy source.

One of the most popular solar heating options for inground pools is solar pool blankets and reels. The pool blankets have numerous sealed air pockets that act as insulators on top of being heat transmitters. They capture the heat from the sun and transfer it to the pool, thereby raising the temperature of the water. Here it is important to mention that the pool covers are specially designed to reduce evaporation, thus preventing heat and water loss. Solar blankets are available in many designs and features, each one designed for a particular pool type. It’s true that solar blankets are large and somewhat unwieldy. But no worries! A wide variety of solar pool reels are available that make the use of solar blankets easier. Together solar pool blankets and reels help in raising the temperature of the pool water, extending the swimming season for a few more months.

Apart from solar pool blankets and reels, people can also use solar sun rings. Solar sun rings are made up of two layers of vinyl that are UV resistant. The above layer holds the insulated air and also helps in directing sunlight to the lower layer. The lower layer absorbs half of the sunlight and converts it into heat energy. The rings are joined together and placed on the surface of the pool. The rings together form an insulating blanket that cover seventy to eighty percent area of the pool. The remaining pool surface is left uncovered to allow direct sunlight to reach the water surface. This prevents the growth of algae. Solar rings are easy to use and have a safe design that prevents accidental entrapment.

You can also use solar pills and sun pool domes to heat the water of your inground swimming pool. Solar pills are placed in the pump basket, from there these pills release a swimmer friendly compound that spreads through the surface of the water, forming a shield that traps the heat and prevents evaporation. Solar pool domes, made from vinyl and aluminum, act like a cover for your pool, thwarting heat loss and keeping the pool clean.

Don’t you think it’s time to go green? With the availability of a variety of solar heating options, you can now enjoy swimming even during off season without causing any harm to the environment.

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