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Solar Air Conditioners – An Environmentally Friendly Option To Experience Cooling

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When it comes to selecting air conditioners, people usually opt for conventional air conditioners. However, recently, mainly due to the adverse effects of global warming, people more interested in solar air conditioners when it comes to choosing cooling options for homes and offices.

One of the major concerns that environmentalists have about air conditioners is that they are potentially harmful to the environment. Some people feel so strongly about this that even during the hottest months of the year when sweltering heat makes them feel exhausted, they try not to switch on the air conditioners. Others, use fans which provide some comfort during the hot summer days. But the problem lies unresolved. Where is the standard unit of cooling that would not pose potential threat to the environment? Well, with rapid technological advancements and availability of more environmentally-friendly solutions, people can now stay cool even during the hottest months without causing further damage to the environment.

Yes, we are talking about air-conditioners. The only difference is these are not conventional air conditioners, but solar powered air conditioners. The solar air- conditioners function through the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. Apparently, the cooling system in these air conditioners is divided into two categories – active cooling system and passive cooling system. Active cooling systems are again categorized into the solar desiccant units and solar absorption units. The thermal collects are found in solar absorption units that operate to absorb solar energy and use it to divide the mixture of the absorbent fluid and refrigerant. Once the mixture is separated, the refrigerant condenses and then, evaporates. This process results in the formation of cool air that brings down the temperature of the room.

In the passive cooling process, the solar thermal energy is not directly used to bring down the room temperature. Instead, it helps in slowing down the rate of heat transfer into a building during the summer months, thus enabling the elimination of excess heat from the building. Since the solar air conditioners operate only when solar energy is converted into electrical energy, these air conditioners are ideal to use in areas that receive sunlight in abundance. People residing in such areas can utilize the sunlight to keep the buildings cool without burning holes in their pockets.

Experiments were made recently to upgrade solar powered air conditioners, making these available to every household. Though these air conditioners are environmentally friendly and can help in lowering down electricity bills in the long run, they can be expensive. This is the primary reason why most homeowners opt out of purchasing solar air conditioners.

In spite of being expensive, solar powered air conditioning is still a good alternative for houses and buildings. The best thing is using these air conditioning units do not have an adverse effect on the environment. Already greenhouse gases and carbon emissions have caused significant damage to the environment. We, for our own selfish means have almost exhausted Earth’s natural resources. It’s time we make the effort of opting for something worthwhile that’ll help in saving the environment from further decay and damage.

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