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Below we have shared various videos from YouTube that you may find interesting. If you find a video on YouTube that would be of interest to the community please reach out and share it with us and we shall see about adding it to the page below.

Flower Pot Heater

Nikola Tesla’s Life

How To build An Inexpensive Flower Pot Barbecue

How To Build A Solar Heater Window Unit

Endless Hot Water Without Electricity!

Insulate A Window With Bubble Wrap

Insulating Old Double-Hung Windows

Solar Thermal Soda/Beer Can Heater For Greenhouse

Inexpensive Residential Generator Hookup

Home Built Passive Solar Air Heater

Rocket Stove Mass Heater with Homemade Mortar & Cob

“4 Block” DIY Rocket Stove

How To Build Raised Garden Beds Under $15

How To Make Your Own Vertical Garden Under $15

Bottle Tower Gardening

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