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Brighten The Christmas Season With LED Lights

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With all the choices available, it can be confusing purchasing lights for your Christmas tree. The lights for Christmas trees come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Some lights even flash, twinkle or blink, creating a magical effect on the surroundings and rejuvenating your festive mood. Now, the primary confusion or rather the dispute arises between the types of lights you choose for your Christmas tree. Would you prefer incandescent lights or brighter LEDs?

Recently, Christmas LED lights have become a popular choice for people looking to lighten up on their electricity during Christmas. LED lights are preferred for decorating the Christmas tree because these lights are energy efficient and last longer than conventional incandescent lights. A latest survey reveals that LEDs use 90% less energy and last sixteen times longer than conventional incandescent lights. Here it is also important to mention that a typical incandescent lasts for about 2,000 to 3,000 hours, whereas LED lights last for about 100,000 hours.

Traditional incandescent lights are glass bulbs that resemble the shape of a candle flame. Incandescent lights are not energy efficient and after burning for a short while, the bulbs become very hot, posing a fire threat. LED Christmas lights, on the other hand, do not burn a filament to light up. Instead, LEDs use microchips to produce light. LEDs consume much less energy and do not burn hot. Another advantage of using LEDs is, these lights do not wane after regular use. In a string of incandescent bulb if one bulb burns out the entire string goes off. The user then needs to check the entire string to find out the damaged bulb. If one LED burns out, it won’t take the rest in the string with it. Incandescent bulbs are fragile and prone to breaking. LEDs, on the other hand, are made from durable plastic cover, therefore lasting a longer period of time.

In every way, LED Christmas lights are the perfect substitute for conventional incandescent lights. The best part is these lights are available in a variety of
shapes, sizes and colors. You may even find eye catching shapes of decorative items such as candy canes, snowmen or snowflakes. Yes, the prices are relatively higher than conventional incandescent bulbs, however they last longer and are more durable than the conventional strings.

If you are in the market for lights this year, make your Christmas a little greener with a string of LED Christmas lights.

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