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Brighten The Christmas Season With LED Lights

With all the choices available, it can be confusing purchasing lights for your Christmas tree. The lights for Christmas trees come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Some lights even flash, twinkle or blink, creating a magical effect on the surroundings and rejuvenating your festive mood. Now, the primary confusion or rather the dispute arises between the types of […]
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Wood Recycling To Reduce Waste

The process of grinding clean waste wood (wood containing no contaminants such as lead paint, glue, asbestos, etc.) into fine chips and using it to manufacture new usable products is known as wood recycling. Usually, tree branches, pallets, stumps and clean scrap wood from different construction sites are recycled tocreate new products. Wood recycling helps to prevent deforestation; […]
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Solar Water Pumps: A Practical Way to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Save Energy

Have we been able to bring the groundwater, available in many areas, to practical use? We are left befuddled when confronted with this question. Yes, groundwater is available in abundance and we have used the water for irrigation, sustaining livestock and personal consumption. But this use has always been associated with waste. If we have […]
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Reinventing the Wheel

We’ve probably all heard it before: don’t duplicate what has already been done, we don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’. While this popular saying (with an origin as slippery as soap I discovered) almost always is used as a figure of speech, what if it was taken literally? And a more interesting question to pose, […]
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Solar Heating Options For Inground Swimming Pools

There are umpteen ways of heating inground swimming pools, but are the methods environmentally friendly? Have you ever thought that while warming your swimming pool, you might cause significant damage to the environment? Yes, there are traditional methods of heating the pool, but these are neither ecofriendly nor cost-effective. Due to these reasons, it’s now […]
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